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Emergency Plumbing in Long Beach

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While emergency services are available, you do not want to call for a plumbing emergency if you do not have to. Some issues that seem like major problems can actually wait until the next day (and regular hours) if you can do a little troubleshooting.

Is the Problem Yours, or the Utility Company’s?

Sometimes even when the plumber gets there, the problem is not fixable. Instead, if you can’t determine the source of the issue, call your water company before you call an emergency plumber. Your water company or utility provider can let you know if there is a serious issue going on in your neighborhood, in which case a plumber is not going to be able to help you. You will simply have to wait until the employees at your utility company can fix the problem.

Emergency Services

Can You Shut off the Water Until Normal Hours?

If you have a plumbing problem at night or on weekends, ask yourself if it can wait until the next business day. You might be able to save on that urgent phone call if the issue is something that can be postponed by using the main water shutoff valve to stop the flow of water at the source. When you do not need to use the broken plumbing immediately, you can probably just shut off the water valve and wait for normal operating hours.

Also, minor leaks can wait if you can shut off the valve on the appliance itself. If turning off the water is not possible, and using buckets, towels, and mops is not going to get you through the night, call in aplumber immediately before the water causes more than just plumbing damage.

Making That Emergency Phone Call – What to Expect

So you have troubleshooted your options and you still feel that you really need to get someone into your home who knows what they are doing. That’s perfectly fine! Knowing what you should ask ahead of time when you make that phone call will help you understand what you are getting into and help the plumbing company streamline the call.

When you get a person on the phone, ask them what their fees are for the service. Be sure to ask for the regular fees and the extra emergency costs. Ask if there will be any other fees that might normally be applicable. Describe the problem that you are having and ask if it constitutes an emergency or if there is anything you can do to limit the damage until the plumber can get there during normal hours.

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Remember, you are likely waking them up or interrupting their time with their family, so they want to troubleshoot as much as you do. Once you have explained your issue, ask for a general range of how much the fix will cost. It will probably be a little higher depending on your problems, but you should have a decent idea. When you are ready for those emergency services from an expert you can trust, call your professional plumbers at GM Plumbing Corporation to help you.

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