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Sewer Video & Line Detection

How it Works

An expert plumber is trained in using these special cameras until he or she can confidently handle them with ease. Not everyone knows how to use the cameras, and they are definitely not something you can get if you are a do-it-yourselfer. After being trained, the skilled plumber will insert a high-resolution video camera attached to a flexible rod into a pipe as little as 2 inches but up to 36 inches in diameter and this camera is used by the plumber to see exactly what is going on with your plumbing.

The flexible rod lets the camera travel through the pipe and turn when corners come up, giving a 360-degree view of everything that is in your pipes. With real-time video image transmissions, your plumber can tell the condition of your pipe and determine what problems are happening currently or may be in progress. The images can then be deleted or saved.

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Benefits of Sewer Video & Line Detection

Sewer inspections conducted via video camera detection are thorough, since the usage of the flexible rod allows visual access to otherwise hard to reach tough places that may not have been inspected otherwise. Your plumber can confidently diagnose problems once they have reviewed the images. These images capture everything from the depth and distance from the surface of any obstructions, allowing for precision and exact correction. This saves you money, since there is no guesswork going on that may take more of the plumber’s time.

Just about any problem can be identified with the use of these special video cameras. Getting a regular inspection of your plumbing with sewer video and line detection is highly recommended by professionals. Dangerous obstacles like root intrusion and broken pipes, grease buildup, and leaks can be caught before they become serious issues that cause more damage. Other reasons why you should call a plumber to inspect your sewage with a video camera include repeated drain line backups or clogs and slow drains. Having an inspection before you decide to purchase a house is also a smart idea to keep you from having unexpected sewage issues soon after you buy your new home.

Smart Technology, Smart Solutions

Sewer video and line detection is an amazing plumbing tool that can do anything from finding missed jewelry or other valuables to saving your sewage pipes from massive damage. Call your friendly experts at GM Plumbing Corporation to use the latest in technology to inspect your sewer system before minor problems become major headaches or to solve big problems timely and cost-effectively.

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