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Clogged Drain?

Sometimes you can unclog your drain yourself if it is a simple, occasional issue. But if you are noticing repeated or multiple clogged drains, you should call your plumber to fix the problem. When your plumber gets there, they will unclog your drain with either a plumbing snake or a hydro jet, depending on what your problem is and how severe it is. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

To Unclog Drains, Call the Experts

Let the experts at GM Plumbing Corporation take care of your drain problems with their plumbing snake and hydro jets. If you do not know what you are doing, you may cause more harm than good. Your knowledgeable plumbers will clear your drains safely and effectively without damaging your plumbing systems.

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What Are Plumbing Snakes?

Snakes, or plumbing augers, have a long metal tube that encases an inner cable that has blades or a corkscrew auger on one end and a crank on the other. The auger end goes into the drain and the crank turns and extends the cable to the clog.

Once the cable reaches the clog, the crank is turned and opens a hole in the clog or is twisted around the auger. Either way, the clog is removed. Straight plumbing snakes are used for sink drains and plumbing snakes with J-bends are used for toilets.

When to Use a Plumbing Snake

Pipes that are weak should be unclogged with gentle methods like a plumbing snake. If your home has older plumbing, your plumber will likely use a snake. However, the hole that a snake can make is usually small, the size of its tip, and has a limited ability to remove clogs. It works great to clear up small spaces for water, but it can’t completely get rid of blockages.

What Is Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning?

Hydro jets are drain removers, too, but are more sophisticated. A hydro jet is a high-pressure hose that has special nozzles attached to one end. The hose is connected to a machine that adds water pressure at such a force that the drain is unclogged. A hydro jet can force just about anything down the pipe, including grease, oil, hair, and general build up. It can break up tree roots and clear them out as well.

When to Use a Hydro Jet

Hydro jets will clear drains thoroughly of tough clogs like grease and tree roots. You can use them in your home or commercially, and it is environmentally safe since no chemicals are used. For stronger pipes or larger clogs, a hydro jet is the way to go. It’s definitely not a do-it-yourself option, though, and should never be used on older pipes. A professional plumber will inspect your plumbing line with a camera that can view inside your pipes and determine if there is a need and ability to use the hydro jet.

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