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The plumbing systems in your home are an important component of your everyday convenience. From taking a shower and washing your hands to cleaning the dishes and doing the laundry, your to-do list would be much more difficult to accomplish without modern, functional plumbing. Perhaps you’re finding that out firsthand as you ponder why your sink isn’t draining or your toilet isn’t flushing.

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No matter what plumbing issues you are facing, you can be confident that GM Plumbing Corporation has your solution. Our Long Beach plumbers are highly trained to tackle the toughest problems, from burst pipes to broken sewer lines. With over 30 years of experience, there’s no job too big for us to handle!

How to Identify a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are dangerous not only because of potential fires and explosions, but also because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs, hear hissing sounds, or have higher-than-usual gas usage, it could indicate the presence of a gas leak. You should get in touch with a trained professional to remedy the situation as soon as possible. 

What to Do if a Water Pipe Bursts 

A burst pipe is more than just an annoyance – it’s an emergency. When water is leaking in your property it can cause significant damage to your home and belongings. If you know a pipe has burst in your home, immediately turn off your water supply and electricity in the affected area. You may also want to remove any furniture and other possessions, so they do not get wet. Then contact our emergency plumbers for a fast and effective solution.

GM Plumbing Corporation is ready to get your problems resolved as quickly as possible. Call orsend us a message onlineto get a skilled plumber heading your way! 

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A noisy water heater is typically a sign that something is wrong. If you hear loud clunking or banging noises, it could be due to sediment buildup on the bottom of the tank. Sizzling sounds are likely because of insufficient waterflow into the unit. Varying pressure levels within your plumbing can also result in a noisy water heater. If you notice crackling, sizzling, hissing, or popping in your tankless unit, it may be the result of debris collected on the unit’s heating elements.

Whatever issue you are dealing with, whether with your water heater or any other plumbing component, rely on GM Plumbing Corporation to get it resolved quickly and correctly.

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