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Are you dealing with backflow in your home? The knowledgeable experts at GM Plumbing Corporation are here to help. If it has been a while since your home was tested for backflow, or you think your home may require a backflow prevention device, give us a call. Regular backflow testing and backflow preventers are the best way to ensure your family is protected from contaminated water. 

If you need backflow prevention and testing services in Long Beach, call GM Plumbing Corporation at today. We work hard to deliver the best solutions to every customer.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Backflow in Your Home?

Investing in regular backflow testing from a trained professional is a great way to discover if your home is suffering from backflow. The testing process is relatively fast and easy, but essential in evaluating your system to know if this is occurring. If your plumber determines that you do have a backflow problem, there are several methods for dealing with it. 

One of the most effective products for resolving backflow is a backflow preventer that uses a check valve that ensures the wastewater moves only in one direction. A professional plumber should install your backflow preventer, so it is integrated correctly into your plumbing. 

What Is Backflow & How Does It Occur?

Your plumbing system is designed to carry water in one direction. The supply line is responsible for bringing water into your home, while the drain lines and sewer lines carry wastewater away from your home. If the flow of water changes direction so the dirty water flows back towards the clean, this is the problem known as backflow. In this case, the water you flush down the toilet, or that which goes out of your dishwasher or washing machine, enters the supply of water you use for drinking, cooking, and bathing. 

According to the CDC, about 7.2 million Americans contract illnesses from contaminated water every year, and one of the key causes is backflow. Backflow occurs when there is a drop in pressure in a freshwater system, the development of pressure in a wastewater system, or a combination of both. 

There are several reasons why pressure changes resulting in backflow occur, including: 

  • Burst pipes in nearby streets 
  • Breaks in the sewer line from your house
  • Long power breakdown in your area
  • Raised piping that creates backpressure 
  • Maintenance work being carried out on the mains
  • Large amounts of water being used by firefighters 

When to Test a Backflow Preventer

According to CA Health and Safety Code, backflow prevention devices must be tested at the time of installation, repair, or relocation, and at least annually thereafter. When the devices are found to be defective, they will need to be repaired or replaced immediately. 

Our Long Beach backflow prevention and testing team is ready to safeguard your home. Call today or contact us online for a free estimate!

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