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Prompt Fixes for Sewer Clogs and Ruptures

Every aspect of your plumbing from your fixtures to your pipes are connected to your main sewage line. You likely never see it and probably hardly ever think about it, but there is not much in your home that causes a bigger problem when it goes bad.

Your plumbing gets used almost every day and your sewer lines work hard. When your main sewer line becomes clogged or collapsed, you will end up with a huge mess that can be very expensive to fix.

It is important to understand the warning signs that are sent when your sewage lines are experiencing trouble so that you can call your plumber to fix the problem before it becomes a much bigger (and pricier!) issue.

What Causes a Sewer to Clog?

Most people have experienced the joys of unclogging a drain – pulling out all of the globs of hair and other things that have stuck in your drain and are causing your sink or tub to stop the water or drain it slowly. This is often an easy fix, but if all of those drains clog and back up at the same time, it’s not so simple.

The cause of this problem could be a clogged sewer drain and this will require a professional plumber’s help to fix. It could simply need to be a drain that needs to be cleaned or it could be time to replace the entire sewer line. 

Common causes of large backups of sewage include:

  • Broken or ruptured pipes keeping the sewage from being able to drain properly through the entire system. This can be caused from shifting soil, increased traffic above the ground (like the addition of a new pool), corrosion of pipes, or leaking joints.
  • Sagging sewer lines, where the pipe or a section of pipe has sunk because of the condition of the soil. This causes it to collect waste and block repeatedly.
  • Infiltration of roots into older lines made of clay or other materials. When roots grow into a pipe, they expand and can cause pipes to break.
  • Pouring things down the drain that don’t belong. Many people dump grease down sinks or flush towels and napkins or other things down the toilet. Grease, once it cools off, will harden and stick to your pipes, causing them to clog. Debris other than human waste and toilet paper also jams together to clog up the pipes.

Signs That Say You May Have Problems With Your Sewer Line

If you are noticing that your drain is backing up frequently, there could be a break in the line. Getting it checked early could keep the issue from becoming worse.

Other signs that should give you warning bells when you notice them are that more than one of your fixtures is clogged at the same time or that random things happen when you use your plumbing. This could be gurgling, bubbling, or other strange happenings with your fixtures.

What to Do if You Notice Sewer Troubles

If what you are noticing is more than just an occasional clogged drain, don’t hesitate. Call us here at GM Plumbing Corporation before your minor issues become major messes!

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