Rooter Service

Rooter Service

One of the most annoying problems for a homeowner or business owner is tree roots growing through your sewer pipes.

How to Remove Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

Even if you take perfect care of your plumbing system by performing routine maintenance and keeping undesirable objects or materials away from your drains, nature can intervene. One of the most annoying problems for a homeowner or business owner is tree roots growing through your sewer pipes. Fortunately, professional plumbers are used to handling such problems. Call GM Plumbing for rooter service throughout the Orange County, Long Beach, and Los Angeles areas.

Having trees on your property is usually highly desirable. Trees are beautiful, they provide shade, and they clean the surrounding air. However, they are also part of nature, and they cannot be tamed.

Tree roots are efficient natural machines for seeking out water in the soil, and drains and sewer lines are a tempting reservoir. Though sewer pipes are thick and strong, especially if they’re made of metal, over time corrosion can create cracks that roots can slip through and widen.

The problem isn’t the water that the root is absorbing; that’s wastewater anyway. The problem is the blockage the root can cause, which can affect every drain in your home. Tree roots are difficult or impossible for most property owners to remove on their own without professional help. That’s where rooter service comes in.

A professional plumber can remove tree roots by running water through your drains, taking your plumbing system apart to remove clogs manually, and using a rooter, which is a drain cleaning machine designed to break up tree roots and hard-to-reach debris deep in your pipes.

Other Components of Rooter Service

Rooter service is a generic term for all kinds of drain cleaning and pipe repair, including but not limited to removing tree roots. It can also include:

Thorough rooter service checks for all types of clogs in your pipes. Clogs located inside your home drains only affect the fixture or appliance nearest the clog, ie. a clogged kitchen sink. Clogs in the main sewer line affect your entire plumbing system, and are evident when using water in one part of your home leads to backups in other parts. For example, if water comes out of your sinks when the washing machine runs or a toilet flushes, that’s evidence of a major blockage.

Contact GM Plumbing for professional rooter service all over the Los Angeles metro area. We have decades of experience and the dedicated staff to do the job right.

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