Precautionary Coronavirus Tips to Practice at Home

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With social distancing in effect, a majority of your time is going to be spent at home weathering out the coronavirus pandemic. While at home, however, it’s important to continue practicing precautionary measures to ensure you stay healthy. Here are a few tips on how to remain safe while at home:

1. Wash your hands and sanitize frequently

The first and foremost habit to practice while at home is frequent hand washing. Even if you haven’t left the house all day, try and wash your hands at least every hour while you go about your daily activities. This is because even if you haven’t ventured outside, there are items you touch that can be contaminated with the coronavirus, such as an Amazon delivery that was placed at your doorstep. Similarly, it’s good to sanitize your hands and objects in the household. It’s good practice to wipe down any new items that arrive in your home, such as shipping boxes and grocery bags, with Lysol wipes to kill any bacteria or viruses.

2. Get an air purifier

The coronavirus can spread via air droplets and if you live in a home that has a centralized HVAC to other units in the building, then it’s a good idea to get an air purifier. Some of these come with a UV light and can help kill any bacteria or viruses.

3. Practice good hygiene even at home

While at home, you’ll still have to practice good hygiene. This means covering your mouth if you cough or sneeze to limit the spread of droplets in the air, regardless of if you think you are sick or not. Washing hands frequently should be paired with doing the laundry more often. Designate an area for objects that may come into contact with surfaces outside such as your keys, wallet, etc. and don’t forget to sanitize items including your phone that you may touch often.

4. Limit visitors of any kind

It may be tempting to be at ease when someone approaches your door or there are neighbors or friends you’d like to invite over to feel some social connection. However, you should be cautious about having anyone over who can potentially be a carrier of the coronavirus. Stick to phone calls or video chatting. If you’re ordering delivery of any kind, have the courier drop it off outside your door for pickup instead of greeting them at the door. All of this helps ensure your home stays clean and contaminant-free.

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