Plumbing Maintenance – Prevention Is Cheaper than Repair

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Plumbing Maintenance

Every home at one point or another will run into a plumbing issue – it’s inevitable. These issues creep up on you and then can be a costly repair. This is why doing regular plumbing maintenance can be a life-saver. Not just in the money you save but also when it comes to the inconvenience.

There are many reasons why professionals advocate for plumbing maintenance to be carried out regularly in your home. But before we dive into them, what do we mean when say ‘plumbing maintenance’.

Plumbing maintenance covers a lot more than just the pipes in your home, in fact, there are four main areas that plumbers will inspect when carrying out maintenance at your home:

1. Plumbing fixtures

Plumbing maintenance will, of course, mean a thorough inspection of your plumbing. Faucets and pipes will be checked for any leakage or contamination. Pressure checks will also be performed to ensure there’s nothing preventing your installations from tapping into the natural pressure available in your home.

2. Water heaters

Your water heaters will also be inspected. These are equipment that works every day and requires annual maintenance to ensure everything is working properly. Issues such as contamination are investigated, and all of this ensures the lifespan of your heaters are extended.

3. Pipe insulation

Your pipes also need proper insulation to prevent any freezing happening. This applies to both pipes inside the home or outside. A frozen pipe bursting is a guaranteed expensive headache that can do significant damage to your home.

4. Sewer lines

Sewer lines are also checked to ensure no backups are leaks are occurring. The last thing you want is any sort of cross-contamination occurring from these lines to your regular use of water. Annual maintenance is a must when it comes to your home’s sewer lines.

Now by checking on these four main areas, a routine plumbing maintenance session can deliver the following benefits:

Everything is working fine

Maintenance ensures everything in your home is working fine and up-to-speed. Factors such as water pressure or your water heater output are things you don’t want to be operating at a sub-par level. Plumbing maintenance ensures these things are working and if not, what needs to be done to fix it.

Fixing Issues Before They Get Worse

Any plumbing issues that are left untreated can gradually build up to cause serious damage that requires extensive repairs. With routine plumbing maintenance, these issues are caught very early as they know what to look for and can spot the early signs. This helps you avoid bigger problems later on that can prove to be damaging and expensive.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Adding to the above, catching issues early means costly repairs are avoided. But this isn’t the only savings you’ll achieve. Even simple fixes such as a leaky faucet can add up to significant water loss. You’re paying for that wasted water. Something as simple as a one drip per second leak can lead to $200 per year in water costs.

Routine plumbing maintenance is a great way to give your home a good annual check and identify problems before they balloon and ensure everything is working efficiently. It’s a small price to pay for the potential headache and damages should something go wrong later.

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