Plumbing Checks to Make If You Have an Older Home

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Each old home has its own charm and unique characteristics. However, if you already own an old home or are considering purchasing one, you should make sure its plumbing is still in top shape. While the house may be structurally intact, a small plumbing issue can escalate quickly. Contact a Long Beach plumber to make the following plumbing checks in your old home.

Outdated Pipes

Most old houses were designed and constructed before many safety regulations became law. One such example is the use of lead pipes. Lead was used heavily in the past as a building material since it was easy to mold and it suited the technology of the time. But then lead pipes were found to contaminate drinking water. Houses that have galvanized steel pipes may have been rusted and can similarly contaminate the water. Getting your water pipes inspected is a good precaution to make sure this isn’t happening to you.

Pipeline Bellies

The ground has a natural tendency to change its shape and shift. The same holds true for houses that have been occupied for a long period of time. Over the years, floors get walked on and sag under the weight of permanent furniture. Pipes can change their alignment as well, bending or breaking resulting in inefficient water and waste flow. Pipes tend to form bellies or sags which lead to water accumulation, which can be a sanitation problem. A plumber can check these problem areas and help maintain the cleanliness of your plumbing system.

Defective Sewer Lines

A defective sewer line can give your old home a nasty smell and make it smell older than it is. A failed sewer line can soften the dirt around your house and threaten the integrity of the foundation. Old sewer lines tend to malfunction and fail modern safety and sanitation standards. Modern appliances generally use more water, which can accumulate under the house. It’s imperative to check the sewer lines of your old house in order to keep it odor-free.

Obsolete Fixtures And Connections

An old house is valuable precisely because of its age. However, maintenance problems do tend to accumulate with age. Old houses have old faucets, connections and fixtures. These old faucets are usually made of copper or brass and tend to start leaking water over time. You should get all old fixtures and connections checked by a Long Beach plumber to make sure they’re working properly.

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