Benefits of Getting a Garbage Disposal Properly Installed

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Protecting Plumbing from Clogs

Plumbing clogs are often caused by food scraps and grease. Even if you try your best, it’s likely that you still have some in your drain and pipes. Food scraps and grease can bind together in your pipes and cause clogs. They can be inconvenient, messy, and difficult to remove. In some cases, especially when the problem recurs often, you may need to do a full hydrojet cleaning of your pipes. When clogs like this continue to happen, they weaken your pipes. Weak pipes are more likely to develop leaks, and leaks can cause extensive water damage which is expensive to repair.

A garbage disposal can break up most organic food waste, reducing the chances of it forming a clog in your pipes. Fibrous or very hard foods may break the garbage disposal blades, so take care not to put egg shells, onion skins, bones, shells, celery stalks, or pumpkin down your garbage disposal.

Making It Easier to Clean Up the Kitchen

Instead of scraping dishes into the garbage and then carrying them over to the sink to be rinsed or washed, homes with a garbage disposal installed are able to scrape food scraps into the sink and down the garbage disposal, and then rinse or wash the dishes there. You don’t have to worry about shuffling dishes around all over the kitchen and making a mess.

Not only does a garbage disposal make washing dishes easier, but it also reduces the likelihood of your drain developing a smell. When rinsing dishes, sometimes food scraps can linger in the drain and begin to rot, causing a bad odor to emanate from your drain.

Decreasing Trash Storage Space

Using a garbage disposal to manage food waste helps to reduce the amount of trash you are storing in your kitchen and then hauling out to the curb. It takes longer to fill up the kitchen trash, and when it is full it’s less likely to leave a mess because all of the food waste has gone down the garbage disposal. When that food garbage sits in your kitchen, it can create very bad odors that permeate your whole house and can be hard to remove. With less trash in the kitchen, there is less of a chance of it smelling bad.

Having a garbage disposal can be a great way to add value to your home as a selling feature. Many people recognize the many benefits of installing a garbage disposal in your home. Protecting your plumbing from costly repairs is a wise investment, and everyone likes it when it’s easier to do the dishes and take out the trash.

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