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Many people get yearly inspections for HVAC or to check for pest infestations. But plumbing is an area that people often wait for an issue to rear up before checking.

That could be because they buy into some common plumbing myths.

If you haven’t scheduled an annual plumbing inspection, it’s important that you know about these myths…

Leaky faucets are no big deal

A faucet that drips may be a fairly common problem, but that doesn’t mean you should let it go. Even small leaks can waste gallons of water every day. And the longer you wait to resolve the issue, the more water you’re wasting.

The truth is that tap water in the US is so inexpensive, a small leak is not going to make much difference in what you pay. But there are other reasons for fixing the leak, finances aside. Wasting water is bad for your community, bad for the environment, and can be downright annoying to hear dripping.

Liquid drain cleaner is the best way to clear a clog

Liquid drain cleaners are admittedly the easiest way to take care of clogged pipes. You go to the store, pour it down the sink, and like magic your drain is emptying again.

But easiest isn’t always best. What you don’t see is that the chemicals in those magic drain cleaners are damaging your pipes. The ingredients in these products are corrosive. And although they won’t eat through your pipes on the first use, they will wear them down over time, eventually creating a more expensive issue.

There’s only a clog if the drain isn’t emptying

Typically the first indication we have that th tub, or sink has a clog is that the drainage slows or stops altogether.

Unfortunately, the clog probably started long before you noticed the signs. That means you could be contributing to a clogging issue without even knowing it. You can actually stay on top of hidden clogs by having your plumbing inspected once a year. With this kind of maintenance, you don’t have to rush to find a solution when you really need that toilet or sink to empty.

It’s fine to flush anything that says “flushable” on the package

Being able to make it down the entrance to the toilet drain and being able to dissolve after flushing is two different matters. Most flushable toilet wipes will go down the drain, but they do not break up after flushing the way that toilet paper does.

And that means they are often a big contributor to clogged toilets. It’s better to throw these items in the trash after use, like you would with baby wipes.

Water heaters only make weird noises when they’re about to explode

Yes, water heaters can explode. But more mundane causes of weird noises are more likely than an impending explosion. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it checked out by a professional plumber. Loud noises from inside the water heater tank often indicate that sediment has built up inside the tank from hard water.

Maintenance to remove sediment buildup helps your water heater to work more efficiently and last longer, and stopping the noises eases your mind that there is no explosion imminent.

Schedule an annual maintenance check for your plumbing and water heater today to prevent annoyances and costly repairs in the future.

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